Thursday , 19 October 2017
Blog reader Akin apologizes to his girlfriend, Mirabel

Blog reader Akin apologizes to his girlfriend, Mirabel

Blog reader Akin apologizes to his girlfriend, Mirabel
Blog reader, Akin hurt his girlfriend, Mirabel and is seeking for forgiveness from her. According to him, he hurt her and is really sorry and needs to tender his apology on the blog.

That’s Mirabel and Akin’s photo, but their faces are covered for privacy. Read Akin’s apology below…

Baby, I know the past few weeks has been a trying time in our relationship, I know have done a lot of crazy things that makes u sad but still u always stay strong… I came to believe I could actually get a thousand girls laid but it only takes a special woman to make ur ones heart beat faster…. I’ve realised where I get it all wrong and I took the blame on myself and I can’t easily forgive myself for everything and I’m using this medium to tell you everything will be alright…. Life never promised us it will always stay smooth but it let us know if we stay together and fight every obstacles together we can overcome anything….
Mirabel, We all made mistakes but it takes a special one to realise their mistakes and go on their knees to seek for forgiveness for every wrong they have done…. This moment made me realise how much I’ve missed and it made to know how much I really wants you,
Nothing makes a parent more angry than to see their children scatter everything they work tireless to put in place and nothing more makes parent to become sad Than to open the door of their house and meet everything so neat coz their is no children to scatter everywhere…. I really missed all our rough play and I won’t trade that for anything even though i get angry with it sometimes….I love you alot and I’d do anything to prove this to u all over…. I love you u so dearly and I will walk a thousand Miles to prove this to u all over “if that’s what it takes”
Akin cares….

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