Tuesday , 17 October 2017

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The Bullies [Episode 3] – YabaLeftOnline Comedy

IK tries to walk up to the Lady his friend (L.O.L) has been talking to him about…..and Then, Hell broke Loose when she told him he wasn’t her type, and she had a boyfriend….and Then What Happened Next is completely Hilarious! Download: The Bullies [Episode 3] – YabaLeftOnline Comedy Read More »

The Condom – YabaLeftOnline Comedy

IK finally wants to get down with the girl he likes..But she had to ask if he had a condom..What happened next is so Hilarious! The Skit Features IK (Lead Character), Wura (The Girl), Benita (Pharmacist 1), Anita (Pharmacist 2), LOL (Father) among others. Download Video Read More »