[Story] I Date White Men Only (Part 3 – END)

I Date White Men Only

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I Date White Men Only Part 36

I finally had a test, i was indeed pregnant, 7
weeks gone, i wasn’t surprised anyway. I got to
Ibadan, informed Zvicka about it, can you believe
what he said? He instructed me to go abort the
pregnancy, i declined, i told him i can’t, he
begged me, i told him i can’t. We had heated
arguemant, no be small one, to the extent that i
left his place that very day, cos he was so
annoying. He was telling he’s married, didn’t he
know that before having unprotected s*x with
me? I left his place very late in the evening, he
began to call me cos he was scared if should
anythinng bad happen to me. I ignored his calls. I
got to school very late, i informed my friend about
it, Bidemi also advised me to go abort it. I totally
declined, i can never abort it, no way, its either
he marries or else i will go and report him to the
company he’s working with. I don’t even mind if i
can be his baby mama, as long as he sends
money. I stopped visiting Zvicka after that day,
although he do call me, that he wanna see cos i
threatened i was gonna ambarrass in his office
him if he doesn’t accept my pregnancy. He
apologised, he was pleading that i should abort
the pregnancy and he was ready to give me any
amount, i declined. Its either i marry him or i
become his baby mama.
Two weeks later, we started our exams, Cynthia
had to cut short her long honeymoon trip to
come write the exam. She even brought a car to
school, she was heavy already, she was glowing, i
was envy. I said to myself, i’m never going to
abort this baby. Cynthia also advised me to go
abort the baby, it turned out to a heated
arguement to the extent that we insulted each
other. I stopped talking to Cynthia, keeping
malice with her.
On the day of our final, my pregnancy was
becoming so obvious, after our final paper we
were all jubilating, i was so happy even though i
already knew i had extra year, i had references. I
was still happy not until i got to the hostel and
met my mother, Obinna, his two siblings and my
son waiting for me in the hostel. They came to
celebrate with me, I was so shocked when i saw
them, they were all suprised when they saw my
growing baby bump. My son rushed to meet me.

Bryan: Mummy, mummy, mummy….

I carried him, i faked a smile, deep down inside of me, i was ashamed of myself. They were disappointed, students were in the compound, my mother began to shout. She began to ask Obinna if he was responsible for my pregnancy, the idiot said he ‘no’

My mum: Tolu otun ti loyun *Tolu you are pregnant*, Talo fun e loyun? *who impregnanted you?*

She was embarrassing me, she was so loud, everybody began to pay attention. I couldn’t bear it anymore, i had to drop my son left the compound. I was uncomfortable… I was so surprised they came, who informed them that day was my last paper in school? It wasn’t even my
graduation day, who invited them, who decided to mock me this day? I suspect it was Bidemi, i
confronted her but she denied, i had Cynthia in
mind too but i didn’t confront her cos we are not
in talking terms.

I Date White Men Only Part 37

After some days, I travelled to Ibadan cos Zvicka invited me over. He begged me to come, i had no choice than to go, moreover i was so ashamed of myself on campus, i couldn’t go out that horrible incident. I kinda became a laughing stock to my enemies and haters on campus, especially in my hostel. Anyway, i got to Ibadan, in Zvicka’s apartment, he was surprised to see my growing belly…

Zvicka: How many months?

Me: It should be four months plus

Zvicka: We can still get rid of it

I got angry…

Me: What? No way, over my dead body, i will never do that. Its either you marry me or you become my baby’s daddy.

Zvicka: You know that is not possible, i’m legally married. I’m an old man, you don’t need someone. How do you want my wife feel when she founds out about this? She would take over all i ever worked for

Me: Why can’t you marry me? I thought you said you love me

Zvicka: I love you but i love my wife and family more. I told you before we started that i just want concubine not a second wife. And don’t even think of me divorcing my wife because this, no way…

Me: Ehn ehn no way, when you were doing it without condom didn’t i warn you?

Zvicka: You purposely conceived this, you should know what to do, you did this purposely to tie me down. You’re making me regret having anything to do with you, i can’t marry you

I was already fuming…. I stood up

Me: Look, enough of this insult, so i’m just a LovePeddler to you right? Your s*x slave..

Zvicka also stood up and held…

Zvicka: You were never a s*x slave to me, you know i cherish you but you know i can’t marry you.

Me: Please i’m leaving, enough of this insult, you really betrayed my love for you.

Zvicka: Stop saying such… Before we started this whole affair, i told you i’m married and i love my wife and kids, don’t make me look like the traitor here.

Me: Its okay, no problem, i guess i will have to report you to your company. Cos you just have to take responsiblity of this baby, you’re the father. When i go to your office and report, i guess that would change things. Its either, you marry me or you make your babymama, what am i even saying, i want you to marry me here in Nigeria.

Zvicka went on his knees, held me on waist… I was surprised

Zvicka: I’m a jew, but i beg you in the name of God to please abort this pregnancy. I’m ready to give you any amount you want, i’m ready to get you the best doctors to do this for you. Please don’t ruin my family and my career i have spent over 50 years to build. It is against my tradition, please i’m on my knees.

Me: What if i die in the process? The pregnancy is 4 months gone, i’m scared of dying….. But why can’t you accept this baby, its obvious you don’t love, you’re just interested in my Kittycat.

Zvicka: You know i love you, but what about my family? Our agreement was never marriage. Please do this for me, please i’m still on my knees.

Me: Please stand up…. Let me think about it

He stood up…

Me: I will think about it, let me go back to school before its too late.

Zvicka: No, no… Like how many hours should i give you to think about it?

Me: Hours? No, i want some days..

Zvicka: You will have to stay here with me for the days you will use to think about it.

Me: What, i need to go back to school

Zvicka: But you’ve graduated already

Me: Well, that doesn’t mean i’m free yet, i still have to stay in school for some period before leaving. Moreover, my project is still there…..

Zvicka: Just stay here with me, please…. Honestly, if you can accept to abort the pregnancy, i will make you enviable to your peers. I will do anything you want…

Well, i was confused, i didn’t know what to do again. I stayed with Zvicka for some days, more than a week, i contacted some my friends if it is adviceable to abort more than 4months pregnancy, they gave me positive response. I also seeked the advice of Bidemi, she told me the same thing. So i made up my mind to abort it, since my plan didn’t work. I tried forcing him to marry me, but its not working, i wouldn’t want to be the loser here. I guess i’m not lucky like Cynthia, the best thing for me to abort the baby and ask for millions of naira from him. I will just have to sacrifice the baby and my dream wedding (to a white man) for money.

I Date White Men Only Part 38

I finally agreed to abort the pregnancy, Zvicka
was happy about and he promised me heaven
and earth. I told him the money for the Abortion
will cost him 500k, he didn’t even argue about it,
i was surprised. While leaving for school the 2
days later, i found a brown envelope in my bag
full of money, it was the 500k, i was so happy
when i saw the money. Anyway, i thanked him,
kissed him and went back to school. Got to school
and explained everything to Bidemi, she advised
me to stay away from the school premises after
the abortion cos it will bring unwanted gossips,
since my belly has grown little obvious to
everyone, she even advised to tell people after
the abortion that i had miscarriage, that will be
after i stay away from school for some weeks. So
the following day, Bidemi took to a hospital to
book an appointment, i was kinda nervous but i
just have to abort the baby. The doctor gave us
appointment to come back in 2 days time.
In the hospital, on the hospital bed, in the
emergency room, the doctor performing the D&C
(Evacuation), there was complication, i was
bleeding really bad, my breathing became faster,
i couldn’t survive it anymore, i’ve lost a lot of
blood, the doctor could not control the heavy flow
blood, i was a pool of blood, it became
complicated, i stopped breathing and i died in the

I Date White Men Only Part 39

I screamed….

Me: Jesus!!!

Breathing heavily, panicking… Bidemi quickly switched on the light

Bidemi: Tolu what is it? Nightmare?

Breathing heavily…

Me: Thank God, it was only a dream. It was a dream, it was a dream… I’m not doing it again ooo, i’m not.

Bidemi: Doing what?

Me: I no dey abort again oooo, i just had a terrible, i died in the process. This is a warning.

Bidemi: Tolu, its just a dream. You actually dreamt about because you were scared all along. Nothing will happen to you, the doctor is so good.

Me: Haaa! No, i no do ooo. I no wan die… This is a warning from God. I am not doing this, its either Zvicka marry me or take responsibility of the baby.

Bidemi: What is wrong with you?


Me: I need to pray

I went on my knees and began to pray while Bidemi watch me doing so, in the middle of the night.

I Date White Men Only Part 40

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Tosin SilverDamApr 7, 2015Fiction Stories0

This is another story written by Me Tosin Silverdam ( Whatsapp: 08080664675)…. If you missed the part Thirty Nine yesterday read it HERE!!!

i made up my mind not abort the pregnancy out of fear. Isn’t that a warning for me, i shouldn’t make the mistake of aborting this pregnancy. After several pressure from Bidemi, i didn’t abort the pregnacy, i can’t kill myself. Zvicka just have to take responsibilty or marry me. After several days, Zvicka kept calling to confirm if i’ve aborted the pregnacy. I avoided his calls cos i didn’t know what to tell him, i was kinda scared to tell him i won’t be aborting the pregnancy. I was so confused and fed up of the whole situation, i didn’t what to do anymore. I was so restless, i couldn’t concentrate amymore, i was in disarray. I couldn’t go home to my mum, Obinna has also turned his back on me, haven’t i made the biggest mistake of my life. To most painful part is that i’ve been unable to talk to my son, Obinna wouldn’t allow me talk to my son, i called and sent him several text messages to allow me talk my son, but he declined, to the extent that, he didn’t return my son to my mother, my son began to live with his parent. I was devastated, even if Obinna hates me, he shouldn’t come between me and my son. I don’t want my son to be trained in the ibo way alone. Sigh! I can’t loose it all, its either Zvicka marry me to cover this whole shame i’m about to get myself into. I had to start wearing fake engagement ring in other to shut my haters up, i just had to fake it. Zvicka must marry me by force, i just have to go diabolical way, i must marry a white man, i can’t loose in all, I just can’t the way to cover this upcoming shame is Zvicka to marry me, i don’t want to be his babymama, i want to be his wife, he just have to divorce his wife to be with me. I will go to any lenght just to make sure this happen. It is not only Cynthia that can marry a whiteman, i’m also eligible like every other girl.

After some days, i was the only one is school, Bidemi has travelled cos we were still preparing for Project defence, moreover i just have to stay back in school to cover my references. Zvicka kept on calling, i finally picked his call, i told him i can’t abort the pregnancy anymore. He begged me on phone, he said he was dissapointed, i told him i don’t want to die. All of a sudden Zvicka began to raise his voice on phone, i got angry and threatened him that i was going to dent his image in his company and i will gladly inform his wife and family about the pregnancy. He hanged the phone on me, can you imagine that, instead of him to be pleading. Its either he marry me nothing else, he just have to marry me here in Nigeria, as a matter of a fact i want to be his legal wife. He kept saying he loves his wife and family, didn’t he think of that when he banged me without condom. I will deal with him, i quickly picked up my phone to call my friend who wanted to one Celestial pastor (woli)
Her name is Dorcas, i explained everything to her and she promised to help me on it. She also attend a white garment church, i never informed Bidemi, although she wasn’t in school. Dorcas took me to the celestial pastor, that place is so far. We got to the pastor’s place, i explained everything to him and he said he was gonna do some spiritual work for me. I even paid him then he told me to come after some days for the spiritual items. I got there, he gave me one black soap, 5 litres of water, and some substance to put it in my cream. Then he told me i should these items anytime i want to visit Zvicka, that he was gonna love so deeply, he would leave his wife for me. I was happy, i will eventually marry a whiteman. Immediately i left the pastor’s place, i quickly called Zvicka and apologised, told him i would be visiting him that weekend.

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