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Baby Mama – Nollywood Movie

Child bearing out of wedlock becomes a profitable venture for a specific group of women when their experience in failed relationships taunt them. They seek to only extort out of these well-to-do folks, putting emotions aside, for their self comfortability. Jackie Appiah, Van Vicker Download Part 1 Download Part 2 ... Read More »

The Perfect Picture – Nollywood Movie

The Perfect Picture – Nollywood Movie free download | mp4 | nigerian movie Three young, Beautiful and adventurous Ladies who are best friends have great expectations about their relationship and marriage, but that expectation is soon becoming a dream that cannot come to pass. star; Naa Ashorkor Mensah Doku, Lydia ... Read More »

Dream Walker – Nollywood Movie

Dream Walker It’s a popular saying that” Dreams come through” , But what do we say to the case of a beautiful young lady who is always getting married only in her dreams and when it comes to getting married in real life, its either her husband disappoints her or ... Read More »

Bachelors – Nollywood Movie

Bachelors Three confirmed lotharios unite in playing a game in which they secretly juggle the many women in their lives, until the inevitable moment arrives where their tightly spun web of lies begins to unravel. Yvonne Nelson, Jackie Appiah, James Gardiner, Eddie Watson (2013) STARRING Eddie Watson, Elikem Kumordzie, Bismark ... Read More »

The King Is Mine – Nollywood Movie

The King Is Mine The King chooses a second wife who is already engaged to another man. Things become even more complicated in that his prospective bride’s jealous and vengeful sister is obsessed with him, putting the potential relationship in jeopardy. John Dumelo, Kofi Adjorlolo, Jackie Appiah (2009) STARRING Kalsoume ... Read More »

Tight (In God’s Name) – Nollywood Movie

Tight (In God’s Name) A revered pastor and his wife are upheld as a perfect example of marriage within their congregation, however the facade of the church is soon to be exposed on the pulpit in spectacular fashion. Starring Jackie Appiah, Eddie Watson, Timothy Bentum, Gabriel Narh Addo, Download: Tight ... Read More »

Stigma – Nollywood movie

Stigma The daughter of a local midwife has her childhood brought to an abrupt halt when her mother decides to marry a local Lothario. Quickly her new stepfather shows his nasty side including his penchant for other women, theft and alcohol abuse. When her mother’s health takes a turn for ... Read More »

Prince of Barmah – Nollywood Movie

Prince of Barmah On his 25th birthday the prince is set to behold his bride; it is a day of merriment until his father’s little secret walks in, bundled up in a red dress and a wicked promise which indirectly sets him on an exciting adventure in Accra city. Jackie ... Read More »

Walking Away – Nollywood Movie

Walking Away Two women, experience domestic violence in their respective marriage’s from their husband’s. One of them walks away from the torture and pain, while the other decides to stay and save her marriage at all cost. It’s a tale of romance and domestic violence. Starring Jackie Appiah, Mary Remmy ... Read More »

It Takes Two – Nollywood Movie

It Takes Two – Nollywood Movie A married couple whose marriage is on the rocks as a result of the husband’s suspected infidelity is forced into acting as the perfect couple when a family memeber comes to visit, however the pretence leads them into really exploring what went wrong in ... Read More »

The Grooms Bride – Nollywood Movie

The Grooms Bride An engaged man goes on a two-week trip to Gambia, to source the perfect honeymoon location. His fiancée is left behind in Ghana and he unexpectedly falls in love with a Gambian tour guide. Majid Michel, Jackie Appiah, J.J Bunny (2012) Starring Amanabea Dodoo, Kofi Adjorlolo, James ... Read More »

Cheaters Book 1 – Nollywood Movie

Cheaters Book 1 A frustrated girlfriend launches a complicated undercover surveillance plan to find out whether her suspiciously acting boyfriend is cheating, but unbeknownst to her he has the same game plan in mind. Jackie Appiah, Adjetey Anang, Omar Sherrif Captain (2013) Starring Elikem Kumordzie, Bismark Nii Odoi, Henry Adofo ... Read More »

Candle In The Wind – Nollywood Movie

Candle In The Wind An old man traces his lost daughter to ask for forgiveness by narrating his past experiences with his first love, wealth, power and regrets after selling his life and self-esteem to acquire wealth and dining with the devil making him lose all he ever cherished. Starring ... Read More »