Saturday , 18 November 2017
How To Download Movies From Uploadmor Downloadlinks

How To Download Movies From Uploadmor Downloadlinks

How To Download Movies From Uploadmor Downloadlinks

How To Download Movies From Uploadmor Downloadlinks
[UPDATED 17 FEB 2017]

Below is a step by step guide on how to Download Movies From Uploadmor

1st; click on thecreate downloadlink

2nd;CLICK AND HOLD “click here to DOWNLOAD


THATS ALL ,now your movie should start downloading…

[UPDATED 17 FEB 2017]

How To Download Movies From Uploadmor Downloadlinks [UPDATED 7TH SEP 2017]

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  1. no links to download the movie…..could you guys please upload “AFTER THE PROPOSAL” starring uche jombo and bellinda effah. I’ve requested this movie b4

  2. It’s not downloading please do something

  3. I have been trying it but it's not downloading anything

    I have been trying it but it’s not downloading anything

  4. Hey.. 9ja rock whats ‘s going on, the videos are not downloading anymore. Even when I click on the ..see how to download…downloadlink.. it takes me to google homepage.You guys have been doing a great job. Please do fix the problem so we can enjoy the movies.
    Thank you.

  5. whats happening, cant download anymore. followed the download directions and even with uc browser,still not downloading. please go back to how it was before n work on this new one.

  6. mr rocks pls fix this problem.. take it back to what it used to bebefore pls.. we cant even download at alll pllllls

  7. can’t download anymore, pls do something about it, have used opera and uc browser but still did not download

  8. Nice movie

  9. Pls I hv tried it n its not working I hv followed d steps still no show.. Do something abeg

  10. how do I download this movie

  11. Was enjoying this sight but now movies don’t longer download please what wrong and how can we help if meed

  12. Its not downloading… Always failing

  13. Why cant one download? I dont even understand the explanation above self.

  14. I don’t even see the “create downloadlink” icon on the uploadmor site…..

  15. Am unable to download season 7 E6 of Jenifer diary Wat happening

  16. please I can not download Husbands of lagos season 2, please do something… am through with season one and its been difficult downloading the season 2. please I need your help.. thank.

  17. The uploadmor links is not working, even after following all your directives.
    Try and use zippyshare for all files for download. Its fast and reliable

  18. I try to download the movie but there is nothing there to download, pls admin do sometin about it

  19. pls upload jenefers diary season 8

  20. pls take it back to the way it was.I clicked on the create the download link byt nothing is happening pls take it back to the way it was . I have been trying 2 download husband’s of Lagos season 2 but all 2 no avail

  21. Your site was easily the best site before now, until you introduced the new download process which has messed up everything. You can see the comments of many who visit and use your website. I suggest you go back to what it was before as the new download process is not serving the purpose. It was far better before this new process that you seek to introduce.

    We want to enjoy your site as before and have you attract many more visits to your website. Thank you.

  22. pls,u nid to check ur sever
    ,d movie is not downloading at all.

  23. i want baby shower

  24. old I want to download impossible relationships but it refuse to download why?

  25. Daniel lillian rosemary

    Please i can download movies and i have followed All the procedures. Please Do something….

  26. lillian rosemary

    Please i cant Download movies From The, can you Please me.. .

  27. lillian rosemary

    Please i cant Download movies From This side can you Please me.. .

  28. lillian rosemary

    Please i cant Download movies From This side can you Please help më.. ..

  29. The process is a bit complicated

  30. Pls 9jarocks I can’t download husband of Lagos.. Pls do something

  31. I can’t believe am finding it difficult to download here, It use to be very easy,pls do something.

  32. i keep trying but not get it pls do something

  33. i cnt download movies here, whats happening

  34. The Movies cannot be downloaded anymore

  35. Pls I want to download Husbands of Lagos 3,how will I do it

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