COMPLETE: Husbands Of Lagos Season 2 Episode 1-13

Husbands of Lagos

In Lagos; a melting pot of business, politics, power and love, the city that never sleeps, a playground for both rich and poor, a place where dreams become real and the delicate mix of the good, the bad and the ugly forms a tapestry of intrigue, secrets, deceit and romance for the Husbands Of Lagos.

husbands_of_lagos_season_2_episode_1_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 75.5 MB
husbands_of_lagos_season_2_episode_2_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 87.6 MB
husbands_of_lagos_season_2_episode_3_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 63.7 MB
husbands_of_lagos_season_2_episode_4_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 63.1 MB
husbands_of_lagos_season_2_episode_5_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 79.1 MB

husbands_of_lagos_season_2_episode_6_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 60.2 MB
husbands_of_lagos_season_2_episode_7_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 86.9 MB
husbands_of_lagos_season_2_episode_8_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 61.3 MB
husbands_of_lagos_season_2_episode_9_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 83.4 MB
husbands_of_lagos_season_2_episode_10_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 75.0 MB

husbands_of_lagos_season_2_episode_11_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 79.3 MB
husbands_of_lagos_season_2_episode_12_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 78.0 MB
husbands_of_lagos_season_2_episode_13_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 98.1 MB

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  1. I love your website, please kindly post ‘the getaway’ season 1 episode 6 – 13.
    I will so much appreciate it.
    Thanks Admin.

  2. For those complaining and download link, they are good. Just try another browser preferably Google Chrome.

    Mr Rock…. U tell doing a great job. Plz help me wif D movie “A trip to Jamaica “

  3. pls,u really nid to post husbands of Lagos season 3 here…pple r waiting
    nd to those who avn’t watched it…..pls do,I bet u’ll like it….I’m a fan

  4. am I the only one having this problem? husbands of Lagos season1 ep9 isn’t downloading. help pls.
    and by the way this site is awesome. good job. thanks

  5. i cant download they said the Ip address will be given by 8hours its 26hours and its still the same don’t know why.

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